Reply To: Override search results page


These fixes work great! Thank you so much!

As far as the results page, the override is working, however I found an issue and it happened for two separate search terms, let me try to explain.

I tried searching “higher ed” (no quotes) and for results I got 62 pages, on page 1- I got 1 result which was a feed item (ideally I’d like these to have lowest priority). Then page 2 had 4 results with a mix of pages and posts (pretty much every page or post we have includes the words higher ed). Page 3 also had 4 results, then page 4 gave me a 404 error, but if I went back and clicked page 5, I got 3 results.

This same idea happened when searching for “university” and page 1 I got 2 results and page 2 had a 404 error despite having 28 pages of results.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to fix the number of results per page so that it’s consistent, and also so that my pages and posts appear before lower priority things such as a feed item. But I’m also wondering why and how to fix the issue where for some pages I’m getting a 404 error.

Another issue we found is for example when searching “student” or “college” there are results in the live preview, however no results are returned on the main search results page.

Thank you again for all your help!