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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I have found out why it wasn’t displaying anything on the search results page. It wasn’t the plugins fault, neither the themes fault. It took me a while, but it turns out there is a an issue with the get_posts() core function. It basically has a parameter to tell it to return “any” post type from the give post array, and it fails to work. I’ve made a tiny change to the search code to bypass this issue. I’m going to notice the WordPress development team about this issue as well.

About the filter. As I can see you left “Feeds” in there, but I guess you are wondering why do you get Posts as well. The reason is that on the General Options -> Sources panel the Search In Posts option is enabled and the option is disabled. Therefore the plugin is configured not to display the “search in posts” checkbox, and to search in posts by default.

You can do two things to solve this:
1. Simply turning OFF the Search In Posts option on the General Options -> Sources panel
2. ..or leaving the Search In Posts as it is, and turning on the Show search in posts selector? on the Frontend Search Settings -> General panel panel – if you want to let the user decide to search/not to search in posts.

Ernest Marcinko

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