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I was thinking of using the index table but didnt know if it would work with my custom field value because each post has a long list of comma separated strings: “12345, 12445, 12545, 12645”

And I need to be able to match from the middle of that list and/or the beginning of a each list value
(ex: matching “125” as part of “12545” from within the list above)

Could you please let me know if this is possible and if so I will gladly swap over to using the index table!
If not – would storing the values in any other way make this easier (without commas, without spaces, etc…)

Thank you so much for your help btw = you have been most detailed in your responses!
I know my request is rather odd and I am trying to steer my client to the most efficient and logical solution, but you know how that goes!