Reply To: Override search results page


Hi, after working with my team on some final testing, I found a couple of small issues that I’m hoping you can help me with.

The first thing is we tried searching for the word “document” for which there are 2 “posts” and 1 “free resource” however if we use the filters to search only within posts, or as a separate search only within the free resources, nothing comes up. I know it is able to find the posts though because without using the filters they show in both the preview and the main results page.

Also, I’m wondering if I can highlight the search terms in the actual results page. It is working in the preview results, which I noticed can be slow–some of my team members didn’t know that was a feature!

Also when pages come up in the main search results, there is often, if not always, no text accompanying the title of the page. I’m wondering if there is anything that can be done to have some sort of description of the page show in the results.

One last thing that I’m not sure if you can assist with, but I thought I’d ask. We are trying to style certain results differently from others based on the type of post. I’m not familiar with the search.php files or the back end of WordPress, but I’ve read that it is possible to make those customizations using loops and if statements with the types of content. The other issue is that some of the content (RSS feeds that we pull in) is displayed in a <p> which will not allow us to style certain parts of it like the author, source, date separately from the main content preview. I realize you may not have the information for this, but thought I’d ask in case you knew of anything that could help.

Thank you again!