Reply To: Override search results page


Hello again, I’m working on adding additional types of content to our blog and as I’m in the process of adding them, I’ve also done a bit of testing to search for the new content and I’m unable to search for them in the way I’d like.

A bit of background. I’m creating custom post types for “consultants” and “peers” each have similar, but slighty different custom fields associated with the post types, and similar taxonomies (taxonomies haven’t been fully decided on yet) So in order to avoid copying the formatting for every new consultant and peer, I’m using content after posts so that the same information (pulled from custom fields for each entry) to pull the shortcodes from the custom fields. I’m able to search the title, however I need to somehow search those custom fields and they do not appear in the search plugin settings. I also tried to have it run the shortcodes and not strip them from the results, but that also did not seem to work. I’m hoping there’s a way to search through the content in these fields on these pages as it will allow us to enter them in a much cleaner way. The alternative is entering all of the same fields in a main block of text.

Thank you for all your help!