Reply To: Override search results page


Hi, Yes, here are the names of the custom fields, they are created and stored in the WP Types plugin.

For consultants:
resume (This I have as a placeholder, depending on what we can do with search we may or may not use it. We were thinking of having a hidden field that can be searched, but we may decide against that)

For peers:
first-name (same field as for consultants)
specialties (same field as for consultants)
consultant-experience (same field as for consultants)
resume (same field as for consultants)

The fields are very similar, but the actions for the user are different and we are sorting them separately so they appear differently in the site. Also, the fields must be displayed using shortcodes (annoying, but just how WP Types works) and so rather than pasting the shortcodes into every main body section for every peer and consultant, we are using the Content After Posts plugin to display the style classes and shortcodes on every one of those posts (“after” the main–blank– content) despite the fields being in the editor for each individual post.

Also prior to the last message, (Dec 16) I had submitted a support request and some of those issues are extremely urgent as we are getting code at the top of the screen and also having an issue with our hosting provider and I think that issue may be causing it. Also several other configuration questions if you could respond to those as well.