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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Sorry about the late response. No worries, I’m answering every ticket in order as fast as possible 🙂

1. Re-ordering the filters is only possible on a per-group basis on the Frontend Search Settings panel:
Some of the individual filters are hard-coded, plus the term filters cannot be custom ordered (not available in WordPress yet).

2. You will have to rename the term from “Jobs” to “Jobs feed” and it should solve it.

3. It’s not possible. I’m planning to implement this feature in the future. Since the plugin was made mainly for Ajax use, this was not considered until just recently. Unfortunately there is no quick workaround I could suggest.

4. Indeed, my bad. I forgot to remove 1 line that I’ve added for debugging. It should be gone now.

5. Actually, it was because of the recent modification I made regarding the post types and terms. I’ve had to add additional code, because the default search results page was not getting posts as it should. It should be all right now.

6. I would not recommend that in your case. I’ve already made modifications to the regular engine code as per your request. They would not work with the index table engine.

7. Yes, because of your previous request of putting an OR relation between the post type and term selectors. Since pages are not part of any terms they are considered as possible results for the database query. That is another good reason not to use these selectors in an OR relation. It might lead to other unexpected results as well.

8. and 9. – I’m gussing you are reffering to the non-ajax results page. The layout and content on that page is purely determined by the search.php file in your active theme directory. To change this behavior you will have to make changes to that file directly. Ajax Search Pro only tells the main search query to get different posts from what it would by default – but it does not change their content in any way.

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