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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I’ve tried to access the site, but I’m getting redirected to this URL:

Altough I know what is causing the problem. Someome reported an issue with VC shortcodes a while back, and after hours I was able to determine that Visual Composer is no longer loading it’s shortcodes in ajax context. This is a huge problem, as any ajax powered plugin will return the visual composer shortcodes instead of the executed formatted content.

I contacted their support about this problem, but they weren’t too helpful with me. I even bough a separate hosting, and made a plugin to demonstrate the problem + I gave them full access to the environment. After one week they responded how should I solve it, but I had to ask 5 times to tell me if this is intentional or a bug, so I can make the critical changes in Ajax Search Pro.

Anyways, to apply a temporary fix, add this code to your active themes function.php file:

function asp_force_load_vc_shortcodes( $post_ID ) {
  // VC 4.6+ fix: Shortcodes are not loaded in ajax responses
  if ( method_exists("WPBMap", "addAllMappedShortcodes") )
add_action( 'asp_before_search', 'asp_force_load_vc_shortcodes' );

I’m hoping this will fix both of the issues. Let me know if this works!

The next release of the plugin is coming soon, I already implemented this fix directly based on their support response. I sure hope they are not planning to change this again.

Ernest Marcinko

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