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thanks for the answer.
Please find my comments below :

1. I do understand items are not marked with the parent category and this is intended as this is the principle of parent-child system I’m using. I can see in category management (wordpress admin) that Ludochrono is under vide.
if I just mark all the categories in the search pro plugin config and request to have hierarchy respected I can see video then all the sub-categories in the form. I can try a workaround assigning my items to both video and the appropriate sub-category but that would cause quite a mess with the rest of my WP dev which is already managing properly sub-categories.

2. I do understand the logic of this. I thought that it would have been a more restrictive setting to set it that way. However there are 2 things that are still wierd : I don’t have the behaviour you’re describing about ticking the video category, it does remove the ludochronos from the list and the other one is that unticking “jeux” or “article” removes all articles / videos that are in child categories (news is still there as this is a single category not inside a hierarchy). Jeux is a separate category only used for custom posts and article should not have any relationship with the videos…

3. This is what I was expecting, I’m happy seeing the different sub-categories in the grouping such as ludochronos rather than video. This is again something that is preventing me to do some “double category assignation” as I’m not sure if I would get the parent or the child in the grouping if items are assigned 2 categories.

Actually it’s quite better right now as I get the content of the subs displayed but the last real issue left is the fact I can’t rely on the filters available for the end-users. Unticking some of them seems to remove content unrelated.

You can check the behavior I’m experiencing in the home page while searching for the term “Kingsburg”.
Which is generating content in jeux / news / just played (sub of article) / tests / chronique (sub of article) / ludopeople / ludochrono (sub of video).
All the subs disappear as soon as I untick any option in category filter.


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