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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


The search results page is completely controlled by the theme itself, so unfortunately this is not possible.

The results shortcode is to place the results list container to a different position on the same page. For example you have the search bar in the right navigation, but you want to display the results in the middle of the page, then you can use the results shortcode to move it there.

A good example is the main search on this page:
Another example is the property search demo:
There I use Visual Composer to create two rows. In the left row there is the search shortcode, in the right row there is the results shortcode.

The redirection URL is for cases where the default search page is located on a permalink, or on a different URL. It does nothing, but sends the data to the given URL. In most cases, like yours, there is no need to change that. Some themes however use a different path, in that case it becomes very useful.

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