Reply To: Jquery conflict


Hi and thanks for your fast answer Ernest.

The velocity error disappears when the plugin is disabled. Everything is working fine without the plugin. The plugin introduces something in the loading of the different javascript scripts.
Velocity is a great library for animating : it’s way faster than jquery. And in this case, i am using it to animate big chunks of the site.

I have not loaded the scripts inside wordpress with a clean declaration (i beleive i should enqueue them somewhere ?) and am writing them directly in the header with a file_get_content (this, to be sure scripts are loaded in a particular order). I don’t have a big experience with plugins creation and wanted to stay ‘independant’ from wordpress by doing so. Maybe it’s the reason i have this issue now ?

I cannot give you FTP access sadly, but if we have no choice i will try to create a limited FTP access later. It’s just time consuming with our process.

Here is the site we are working on :
I left the plugin activated, so you can see the error popping.

Is there anything i can do to try to debug this ?