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A few months ago Ajax Search Pro was refactored again. Right now the plugin is more robust then ever. I’m listening to customer feedback all the time, and I’m regularly taking notes when solving support tickets. Some requests I can fulfill, some I can’t. There are always some key points/features I start with, then I move to less important ones.


After a few months I had a huge list of what features were requested the most:

  • ability to return categories and custom taxonomy terms (like woocommerce product categories)
  • more themes, with more options
  • ability to override default wordpress search result
  • WPML support
  • more flexible search logic with relevance
  • fulltext search engine
  • a growing knowledgebase

Fortunately I had fulfilled all of these requests, plus there are some more:

  • a new layout: Isotopic
  • new themes: Underline and Simple
  • every icon is now retina ready vectorized SVG icon
  • Google Analitics integration
  • keyboard navigation on vertical results
  • better image handling
  • shortcode buttons on the post editor

More Info Demo

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