Ajax Search Pro for WordPress 4.0 – features

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Not familiar with Ajax Search Pro? Check you the demo!

About two weeks ago ASP v4.0 was finally uploaded to codecanyon. This is one of the biggest updates since version 3.0. Have you updated yet? Go ahead and download it from the codecanyon page.

Some long requested features were finally implemented:

  • Compact search layout mode
  • Visual Composer compatibility (add-on)
  • Full RTL support
  • Result Template files
  • Duplicating, renaming search instances
  • Exporting and Importing search instances
  • More compatibility options

The Compact layout

This is a long requested feature. Lots of customers had issues with space. This is the ultimate solution – a compact search box, which expands on click. Sexy.

Visual Composer compatibility

The search now acts as a Visual Composer add-on as well. You can easily add the search elements without using the shortcodes.

Result Templating

This is probably the biggest change. Each result layout type has it’s own template file. You can add, remove, modify elements in these layout files. This gives you full control over the result outputs. There is a knowledge base article available to give you more explanation.

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  1. sergio

    i’ve uploaded the updated pro version but i’ve the same problem, when i exclude taxonomy terms and save it reload with empty fields.

    can you help me please? thanks

  2. himmet sevinç

    I was using Ajax search lite on my website and after the last update of wordpress like all other stuff this plugin is not working neither. Should I try to find another one because it will not work from now on or is there a solution for this problem? the problem is nothing is happenning when I write something on the search area. neither the cirle turning nor somthing is openning. even after I finish writing and click on the search button it just open the same page like nothing has happened. hope ou can help me because I liked that plugin so much and I want to go on using it. Thanks in advance.

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