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Ernest Marcinko

Oh, and I forgot to answer you other question regarding the keywords. That actually is adjustable, by changing the keyword logics on the General Options -> Logics & Behavior panel:

So, by default you will see the ‘OR’ logic selected as the primary keyword logic. That one is the least restrictive, it’s basically the more words you type, the more results you get. The AND logics are the ones you are looking for – it means that all words have to match, more information you will find here:

You should also consider using the index table engine, as it affects the keyword logic positively. The basic difference is that with the Regular engine (default) for each source field the keyword logic is applied separately, while with the Index table engine all source fields are treated as one ‘big’ field.

As an example: You have an item with the title ‘lorem ipsum‘ and a category where it belongs titled ‘dolor amet‘. Now, if you have the ‘AND’ logic chosen, and type in more than one keyphrase, each of these phrases must match, in order to return this as a result. If you type in ‘lorem dolor’ however it will not match with the regular engine – because ‘lorem’ matches the title and the ‘dolor’ matches the category name, but since these are separate fields, there is no (usable) way of checking cross-field matching. To bypass this issue, I have implemented a secondary engine, with a separate keyword to occurence database. It’s similar technique to what the plugin Relevanssi uses.

I know it’s a lot of information there, I tried to detail everything in the documentation. But I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Ernest Marcinko

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