Reply To: How to fix a bug in the plugin?


Ernest Marcinko


I’m not a fan of CSS minifier and aggregator solutions, as they usually only cause issues, but I have found one that seems to be working absolutely perfect. On the demo site I use the following combination:

Autoptimize plugin for CSS and JS minification – this plugin is just awesome. It might require some tweaking, depeding on your site, but this one worked the best for me, when it comes to CSS and JS optimizations.
– plus there is a built in Asynch CSS loader in Ajax Search Pro, which is also enabled on the demo. You can enable it on the Compatibility Settings submenu:

The Autoptimize makes sure to aggregate all CSS assets, and the asynch loader will load most of the search instance CSS once the DOM loading is finished. Please note that this combination may not neccessarily work in your case as well, it’s just a suggestion. Getting all of this correctly, may require significant amount of tweaking.

Ernest Marcinko

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