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Ernest Marcinko


This is still definitely a cache related issue, because this is how I see it on chrome and firefox:
Try clearing the browser cache by reloading the page pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R (or COMMAND + SHIFT + R on IOS).
I’ve checked on a second PC, and it looks right as well. I usually disable all cache when making changes to styling. I’ve also logged in to see if that makes any different, but everywhere is correct.

There is a changing media query string whenever something is changed on the search options panel, to force the changes to be apparent after reloading – but this method is easily bypassed by cloudflare or any other server side cache plugin.

That should solve all the issues, including the font problem, as you might see a cached version of the front page. I can see the custom CSS forcing the font family. You can also use this custom CSS to force the arial font on all elements within ajax search pro:

.wpdreams_asp_sc * {
    font-family: Arial !important;
Ernest Marcinko

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