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Ernest Marcinko

Hi again!

This took me way more time than I hoped, and I was able to get it to work, but I still don’t know what the issue exactly is. Let me explain.

At first I was suspecting that there might be a malformed .htaccess rule in the .htaccess file, that might be redirecting the page to the front, whenever a certain condition is met. I’ve tried to disable that file, but the problem persisited, and I don’t see any particular issue in that file, so I ruled that out.

Then, I suspected that maybe one of the files are corrupted, so I just simply deleted and re-installed the plugin, but this did not help either. I also checked the file structure, and it was perfectly fine, so this is not the problem either.

Then I went on and tried disabling the plugin modules one by one until I finally got the back-end to show, and this is where it got really weird. After some time I have found that disabling the typography options panel, so I assumed there might be a conflict with one of the files. This is already very suspicious, as I use very specific class and file names to avoid any kind of conflict, the chances are astronomical.
Anyways, I have started disabling the options on that panel one-by-one, and after leaving only one option active it worked again. I assumed there might be some sort of error in the class file, which prints the font options to the page. Enabling more than one font option immendately yielded an error, so I went on to that file and tried disabling parts of it.
When I removed some parts of the file it worked again – but here I got stuck, because there was absolutely no error within the removed lines, and even if I replaced them with simple text, it still didn’t work. Then I changed the printed text size and then again worked. So after a certain number of characters it failed. (?)

I concluded that perhaps there is some sort of output limit, which does not allow printing out content after a certain amount of characters. But I was wrong again, because if I disabled different modules (so the output became smaller), it did not work. So if that specific part of the plugin is not disabled, it does not work – however it does not matter what is outputted within that part, which does not make sense whatsoever.

This is probably one of the hardest issues I have ever faced, and I honestly have no idea what is causing this behavior. What I noticed that you have PHP 5.3.11 installed, which is a bit dated, it was released back in 2012. My only logical guess is, that there might be some sort of PHP related bug, that I’m not aware of, which might have been solved since then. I would suggest updating the PHP to a more recent version, maybe even PHP 7.
I’ve also noticed a very low memory limit in the phpinfo, it is set to only 32M. While the issue is probably not related to that, but I would definitely recommend to change that at least to 64M or even 128M if possible.

The plugin will work without the typography options, which I disabled, the downside is that the fonts are not possible to change with the options, as those are disabled. Everything else should work. However if you want to change them (color, size etc..) I can construct custom CSS code for you, let me know if you need help with that.

I’m sorry I was not able to identify the problem, I honestly tried everything possible.

Ernest Marcinko

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