Reply To: Bugs in settings?


Ernest Marcinko

Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for your kind words, and the proper explanations.

Unfortunately I am not able to replicate either of the issues. So far I have tried 2 test environments with no luck. I suspect that there might be something else conflicting as well, but it’s hard to tell.

From your description, there is one thing that could possibly lead to issues:

..if the input field for “minimal character count to trigger search” is emtpy..

If by empty you mean no value, then make sure to not leave that field empty, that should contain a numeric value at all times. That could possibly cause a script parsing error on the front-end.

If you have any test environments with credentials, that you can share with me, where I can replicate the issue, feel free to do, and I will check it there. Thank you!

Ernest Marcinko

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