Reply To: Refund Request



Actually, scratch that. I’m sure we can get this working, right? Let me throw some things out there and see if you can point me in the right direction…

I have this page:

It shows the Ajax Search and also a Visual Composer Post Grid that display the same data using the same custom post type and custom taxonomy.

Problem #1: The text on the search filters doesn’t show up. It only shows up if the filters are done as a drop-down.
Problem #2: I like the way the Visual Composer Post grid shows *everything* and then the filters reduce the result. I can only get the Ajax Search to show me 12 results with an arrow scroll. I want to show them all or at least be able to specify the amount. My users will never see those arrows.
Problem #3: The Ladies Only check box simply does not seem to work in Ajax Search. If you click “Ladies Only” in the bottom grid, it limits the results to 6. If you click the “Ladies Only” check box in the Ajax part, it does not limit the results. “Filter by Ages” doesn’t work either. I’m really not sure why neither of them work.

I have more, but I’ll start with those three as they are the three most important.

Thanks, Lauren