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Ernest Marcinko

Hi Aksu,

You are welcome.

The cache is good if you have a big pile of static content, which is not really true in your case, as it expands frequently. I would recommend having it turned off all together.

The database size should not really affect the plugin at all. In my experience, if the server can handle the store, then the plugin will as well. The index table queries are very highly optimized, and the queries are terminated at certain point as well. The biggest databases I have seen had over 100 000 products, and it ran smoothly.

I guess you mainly (or only?) want to search products? If you ask me, I would recommend exactly this configuration for the most optimal and fastest queries:

1. Turning off the cache:
Explanation: Since you are already using the index table engine, and your content grows, it will be less resource heavy to bypass the cache. It means no file related operations, which may be slower than database.

2. De-selecting custom post types, that you don’t need in the results list under the General Options -> Sources panel, so only product is selected:

3. De-selecting returning any taxonomy terms as results under the General Options -> Sources 2 panel:
Explanation to 2. & 3.: Since you only want products as results (?), then disabling anything else will remove any overhead from the search. The index table already indexes the products by these taxonomy terms.

4. (optional) Enabling the custom ajax handler:

This is the most stable, fastest possible configuration for your server, in my honest opinion. If you stick to this, then it should give you results consistently, using the least amount of resources possible.

I hope this helps 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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