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Is there any solution for this :'(
Also let me know if you have affiliate program for ajax search pro because because of this website, I will get 6 website more with same person and all will use ajax search pro 😉
For him, Current website is which I am upgrading and using Ajax search pro in it and finding that I haven’t done any mistake because you are very supportive.
Please let me know if there is any solution for this. Let me explain you in simple way
1st box is for taxonomy country
2nd box is free text box but suggestion I want from a taxonomy called keywords
So when we add any course, we need to choose a country and also a keyword. So if someone choose country Mauritius, and type “Mar” then it needs to suggest all keyword taxonomies start from “Mar” like marketing etc and when someone click on that suggestion then it fill the 2nd box with that suggestion (Till here is you have done as I have request)
So now thing came to search page.
1st if there is no course which have “Mauritius” country & “Marketing” keyword then it will show a page (This also hasbeen done by you) (I am very happy that I have chosen right plugin), but gives error which is expalend in 2nd part (bottom)
2nd (This is issue I am getting). It should show result only for courses (post type). But it show result for taxonomy “Marketing” also. (Here is main issue). Someone select canada and type marketing, atcully it should show that page which is for no result but it show the taxonomy marketing in result page.

This is only issue left, Please let me know how it can be fixed.

And also I don’t want anything like “No result” or “Did you mean by” etc

Also please let me know about affiliates :p

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