Reply To: Language Settings



Hi Ernest,

I was thinking about integrating Custom Fields with the ACF plugin,
However it is not a great solution because it means that the categories for pages make no sense and the work to assign categories to pages was useless.

For better understanding I do send you a screenshot again:
The pages “Anal – Analplug – Analsex” “Datenschutz” and “Startseite” do not have a category selected neither “erotische Hypnose” nor “Hörbuch” as opposed to the other two pages that are listed (“Sissy Maid…” “Ausbildung zur Sissyhure …”) These two pages have the category “erotische Hypnose” selected.

Only the two pages “Sissy Maid…” and “Ausbildung zur Sissyhure …” should show up because these are the relevant categories chosen in the menue right to the search bar.

Hope this makes it as clear as possible:) and maybe we can find a solution?

Best regards, Mario