Reply To: Misspellings and synonyms?


Ernest Marcinko


On the General Options -> Logics & Behavior you can change the generic keyword logic, which determines how multiple phrases are matched agains the selected fields.

Synonim/spell correction is not yet availalbe, as the plugin uses the database to search. Spell correction would require to re-run the search queries in case of no results (with the spell corrected phrases), which increases the server load exponentially, to a point where it would crash. A 3rd party API is not a solution either, as they are very pricy and limited on a monthly basis.
There is a front-end instant search feature under construction, which will include a guess based ‘spell check’ module as well. Because it will run on the clients machine, it will not affect the server load in any way.

For now, you can add word/character replacements/exceptions manually:
– Keyword exceptions:
Knowledge base – Replace search keywords
Knowledge base – Remove/replace characters from search phrase

I hope this helps!

Ernest Marcinko

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