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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I just looked at the site, I’m not sure if you fixed the saving issue, but I tried to change the theme and a few things, and it’s working for me. I enabled “force inline styles” and changed the javascript source, just to be sure.

The reason why there were no results, it’s because a fatal error was interrupting the ajax call:

Fatal error:  Call to undefined function aq_resize() in /home/shop4mic/public_html/ on line 143

This is coming from the theme, more exactly some function is called somewhere, which is not declared. I fixed this by changing the ajax url in the search code. But this error in the theme may cause other ajax plugins to malfunction. In this case please contact the theme developer, otherwise it should be fine.

The search should work as normal now.

Ernest Marcinko

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