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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Thanks, now it’s fine!

Okay, all I can see right now from the page source, that the HTML is rendered until the beginning of the post content then it stops. And there is also a hidden message at the end of the site code which tells, that HTML is corrupted. Are you using some kind of html minification or caching plugin? Maybe it sopts with page rendering because there is a syntax error somewhere, or some kind of unstripped html inside the related content, I’m not sure.

First you should try to deactivate the caching or html minifying plugin temporary and see if it works then, or if it’s throwing any kind of errors or if there is some kind of funny unfinished code.

If it’s going to work with caching disabled, then maybe I can catch the error in the output.

Also, by default the HTML is not removed from the content, which can cause such issues I think. Try to change the formatting options as it is on the following screenshot:
Then save the options, empty the cache and refresh the page a few times.
This way unfinished content from shortcodes or remaining html tags will get stripped correctly and might fix the problem.

Ernest Marcinko

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