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You are seriously awesome!!! I was even able to play with it a bit to put it above the navigation text

previously it was below the Home/Family, but I was able to move it above after a little trial and error.

The code area now is:

if( is_front_page() || of_get_option(‘breadcrumb’) == ‘disable’ ) $NV_hidebreadcrumbs = ‘yes’;

/* Here starts the Ajax Search Pro Shortcode .. */
echo do_shortcode(‘[wpdreams_ajaxsearchpro id=1]‘);
/* .. and here it ends, just like that. */

// Sub Header Display
if( $NV_hidebreadcrumbs == ‘yes’ && ( empty( $NV_socialicons ) || $NV_socialicons == ‘off’ ) && empty( $NV_textresize ) ) $NV_disable_subtabs = ‘yes’; else $NV_disable_subtabs = ”;

Do you happen to know what line of code I can use to add a few pixels spacer after the search box and before Home/Family? And do you have other products I can browse? The support here was by far the best I’ve received on a WP product, and I’d love to see if I could use your other stuff.