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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Those span elements are not part of the plugin.
I checked through the dev tools, and the following script is putting those elements after every single checkbox on the site:

Since that code is minified I can’t tell exactly how and what to change. You should definitely notify the developer about this, because this can lead to other issues with other plugins using checkboxes. Randomly replacing items on the entire site with javascript is not a good idea. The event listeners attached to the checkbox parent elements can change this way.

Anyways I can suggest 2 possible solutions, that might work (I’m not 100% sure)

1. Custom CSS – might not work

Put this custom css code to any of your stylesheets or into the Custom css field on the search plugin Theme Options -> Custom CSS panel:

span.checked + label:after {
    opacity: 1;

2. Javascript solution – probably work

Put this custom javascript inbetween script tags anywhere (prefer header or footer) on your site:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    jQuery(".innericon, #ajaxsearchprosettings1_1 input[type=checkbox]").click(function(){$("#ajaxsearchprosettings1_1 span.custom").detach()});
Ernest Marcinko

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