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Hey Ernest,

if you would rather have me split my questions into single support tickets, let me know. Some of them I had already asked before.

1.) It actually now restricts search results to the current blog, that is perfect.
However, only posts and one of the two CPT I picked are searchable (post and arzt), what is missing from both sites are normal pages and another CPT I chose (dienstleistung). They are equally picked/enabled in the settings so I wouldn’t know what’s keeping them from appearing. You can try any page’s or dienstleistung’s title or content, neither site shows results.

2.) Also, I see you have implementend a ‘priority’ settings page, only I cannot choose anything there, it’s only a box of two dropdowns, and the blog picking select only shows ‘current’. Is this by design/to be finished or by mistake?

3.) And another one. I asked on another ticket I suppose if it was able to show the content of those custom fields I choose for searching inside. The search itself works, only since most do not have a normal the_content() field filled, it only shows three dots. I would love to have the user see where exactly the search term appears on the post. Didn’t I just find the option for that?

4.) As asked before, can you provide an option how each group’s heading for every single post type is being named, just as you do for ‘Show search in custom post types selectors’ within the frontend search settings options?

All the best, and hope you don’t mind 😉