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Hey Ernest,

that sounds real fine, just lemme know :).

I just looked into 3), the ability to show search results and display something else but the post description, and your solution is more or less going into the right direction, but leaves a desire for modification :D. First of all, it is a bit of a hassle to include each and every possible custom field that should go into that, but mainly because I think we mean two a little different things.

When I cram in every field I want to be able to show into the little box, it just gets overloaded, like

{descriptionfield} {untertitel} {leistungen} {freitext} {textbloecke_0_block_0_text} {textbloecke_1_block_0_text} {textbloecke_2_block_0_text} {textbloecke_3_block_0_text} {textbloecke_1_block_1_text} {textbloecke_2_block_2_text}

However, this is not exactly what I was after. It’s actually two things when I look at it.

A) First and foremost, define in what fields your plugin is searching – this is already possible and happening – and show a snippet with the text highlighted so users can examine what the search result means to them, a little similar to Google search results (they not only take the meta description, but show a snippet of the content in which your search query is being hightlighted). So not every field is showing, only a snippet from the field the search text is found in.

B) This is less stressing, but still useful in that matter – determine on a per-post-type basis what (custom) field should be shown by default. By hitting in every custom field like I just did it produces a highly messy output.
And even if not, if there is no the_content present on my CPT I still get the three dots in the search results. Meaning: If I choose {descriptionfield} {custom_field1} (because on posts, the normal the_content is present, while I need ‘custom_field1’ for my CPT posts), it still displays the three dots when the ‘descriptionfield’ is empty.

By ‘default’ I mean something like searching for a CPT’s name – since the part to be shown would be the title which is there anyway, something like a snippet should still appear below it :).

I hope I am clear of what I mean? If I can be of any help, just let me know ;).

I just came across two minor additional issue when I tried out how highlighting works.

1.) So far it mostly (!) correctly highlights if I search a full word or a word that may be a partial, but ends with my search term. You can try yourself: If you search for ‘ärztliche’ on the main site the partial word is highlighted in ‘hausärztliche‘. However, if you just use ‘ärztlich’ (which is not present as a single word or at the end of a compound word on the site) it still finds the right post, but doesn’t highlight at all. It would be great to have your plugin highlight in any case.
Strange is that it seems to depend on the actual term you are using. When trying the same with ‘Bescheinigungen’ and ‘scheinigungen’, even though the latter is the last part of the word it is not being highlighted.

2.) It is great that you can filter out tags from the description, but this only seems to apply to the standard description fields, not custom fields? When you do a simple search like ‘ach’ on my main project site it shows you that still anchors and images are included, even though they had been instructed to be stripped out in the settings panel (please disregard the small/different font sizes in the search results). Can you look into that as well :)?

All the best


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