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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


3. I understand your point, but for these complex usages are the cases when the filters come in handy. As you can see the backend is already filled with various options and adding something even more complex like a content output builder just doesn’t make sense to me right now.
There is always something more that the user wants, that’s why the backend is overwhelmed with loads of options. At some point I had to say no, because these cases are too special to generalize into the stock version of the product, and 99% of the users won’t even notice it or used it.

So in my opinion you should create a custom function which hooks onto one of the filters and modify the content as you want it to look like. Here is a knowledgebase article on how to do such things:

Starting with this simple piece of code you can build up the fields you wanted. It gives you access to the final output array of objects with post ids, final content etc.. So you can easily retrieve the custom fields you need and change the content field to whatever you want.

1. Will test that out on my local server and make corrections 😉

2. It’s excluded on purpose. I switched up a few lines and now it should filter them out even if it’s a custom field content.

Ernest Marcinko

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