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1. Great!

2. Yes, I have. And it didn’t work. I read the documentation through several times. Every time I used it and added the short code, nothing appeared. I even used the widget for the sidebar. I put it back to hovering, so results would show in other instances. I just want the block view to work.

4. Banana is ALSO in Baby Sign Language, just like all the others. I want every sign that is in Baby Sign Language to appear even if it is in another category as well. For every other sign, they have at least 3 other categories, and they are not included in the search instance because when they were it was too slow. This makes me worry that there are problems with other posts that are in Baby Sing Language but might not show up. How can it work so that every post in Baby Sign Language appears? It doesn’t make sense that I would have to include TEST. I didn’t include B and bath still appears. Do you get what I’m saying?