Reply To: Related Post Pro Is Not loading


Hello. Thanks! I fully understand that your support on a third party extension is limited and I really appreciate your help so far.

At this point, I don’t think is a setting issue. I was able to correct the style or changes to style (color, font..etc) by switching on “Load inline stylesheets?” in “Compatibility Settings”. But I tried to use all the the settings under “Javascript Source” in “Compatibility Settings” and none of them solved the horizontal alignment issue.

I think the temporary solution is to add the code you sent in the child theme to make it work for now. I will also notify the author of the Video Gallery. Sometimes authors take this reports into consideration when they are working on the next version of the plugin, so maybe this conflict might be taken into consideration and the conflict will be fix sooner or later.

I will keep you updated after adding the script you sent.

Thank you!