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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Thank you for the observation! It’s actually a work in progress. Some classes are renamed in the latest version (4.0). I didn’t do a full rework on this yet, because there were some extreme changes in the dynamic CSS generator script, and it might have caused too many bugs for testing.

I hope for the upcoming version I’ll finally be able to replace all the remaining classes with the “asp_” prefix.

The main priority for this version was to increase the CSS specificity and an option for the user to change compatibility levels to preserve bandwidth.
When I first saw CSS declarations in best-seller themes like:

#top input {
   margin: 10px;

I was speechless. It killed the margins for the search input fields, which were placed into the top element. I’m all in for using classes only in CSS, but codes like this just makes it impossible. There is no way of overriding this with classes only (except for !important, but that’s not an option here).
It took me a few days to put together a robust script to bypass these issues. I whish themeforest had a policy to only allow using class names in themes, or disallowing using ID’s and generics in the same line of CSS code.

Ernest Marcinko

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