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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


1. Could you please upload screen shots of the settings you applied and the results you are not expecting to see?
Have you excluded the proper terms on the advanced options panel? You can check the documentation here.
If you can give me examples maybe I can tell if there is anything wrong with the configuration or so 😉

2. Could you please be more specific about this issue? Are you using the search results shortcode somewhere on the same page where the search is?
The plugin can not (because it’s not possible in WordPress) overwrite the themes result layout, if that’s what you mean. The results page (where the default wordpress search redirects) in your theme can only be edited by editing your theme unfortunately.

Non-latin characters would be an issue if you would get no results at all, but that’s a very rare issue and it’s related to a bad database collation. In your case that’s not the problem for sure.

The documentation explains almost every single detail accordingly, starting from how to create a search engine to the more advanced options.

I’m working more than 80 hours a week on my plugins and support alone to make them better, unfortunately I couldn’t find any time to make video tutorials yet, but it’s planned of course.

Ernest Marcinko

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