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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Could you please try to clear you cache and try again? I’ve changed a javascript file as well, your browser might have cached the old one.

I’ve conducted a few tests, the results with screenshots with ajax response measurements:

1. Phrase “test y”, results 1.90, 1.36, 1.69 seconds:

2. Phrase “test a”, results 1.56, 1.77, 1.50 seconds:

3. Hardest test – 6 different standalone characters, 6 build up like queries – Phrase “λ β ο x y a”, results 1.56, 1.69, 1.44 seconds:

For me each test wen under 2 seconds, on worst case scenario it should be below 4 I would say.

Please do not upgrade the plugin until the upcoming version is out, I’ve added a few performance related lines that are not present in the current version yet.

Ernest Marcinko

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