Reply To: installing Ajax search pro.

Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


Try the following steps, one of them might help:

  • Check if the plugin is indeed activated in the plugin manager
  • Try to delete and install the plugin again
  • Make sure you don’t have any custom back-end themes enabled (custom admin themes might not support some plugins)

Sometimes the plugin manager fails to upload the file correctly and it might cause missing or incorrect files. In that case the above mentioned solutions should work.

If the problem is something else, then I need more information as well to see where the problem might be:

  • Can you see the Ajax Search Pro menu on the back-end?
  • Did it show any error message upon activation?
  • Can you create a new search instance?
  • Can you change other plugin settings?

Could you also provide temporary back-end and ftp access? It’s extremely hard to solve a problem without seeing it. You can provide temporary access by editing your first post or uploading a .txt file with the details. Both methods are safe and only visible for you and me.

Ernest Marcinko

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