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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


I’ve found the cause. There is a javascript error caused by on of the the Blog Manager Light plugin scripts, that blocks further page processing. When I disabled it temporary, the search back-end worked again.

Since you gave me FTP access as well, I’ve made a tiny modification to that javascript file to prevent this error.
The file is: public_html\ledigehjerter\wp-content\plugins\blog-manager-light\assets\js\otw-admin-bm-functions.js
and I have added an extra line, number 5.
The search back-end works now, but it’s not a long term solution, since upgrading this plugin will overwrite this change.

I will notify the plugin developer to not load it’s plugin javascript files on other plugin pages as it is causing problems. It’s a common mistake by developers.

If the issue appears again, just disable the Blog Manager Light until you configure the search, that’s probably the best way to deal with the problem 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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