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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Please be much more descriptive with these issues.

Was the “visual broken” shortcode an issue before?
What do you exactly mean on visually broken? Is it a CSS problem?
Are you using the shortcode in a post? Are you using the shortcode in the theme?
Is the shortcode used in valid XHTML environment?
Is it happening if you turn off every plugin and switch the theme?
Is it happening if you turn off every plugin but not swap the theme?
Is your browser console showing any errors? Do you see any PHP error messages?
Is the error reporting turned on in the wp-config.php file?
Can you check for CSS conflicts in theme or plugin files via your browser inspector tools?
Do you have a visual screenshot of the problem?
What measures did you exactly do to solve the problem? I mean solutions listed in troubleshooting section of the documentation.

Sorry about the questions but it’s extremely hard to debug anything if I can’t see it.

Ernest Marcinko

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