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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Surely, it has lots of settings, it’s been in development for almost 3 years. Most options were implemented based on user requests, and I might have went a bit too far 🙂

I’m planning to create video tutorials and an “easy mode” switch, and “option search & explain function” for the back-end, but unfortunately support, updates and bugfixes take most of my time every day. The documentation is already lengthy, and I’m adding only few pages at a time to avoid confusions.

For the results shortcode there is only one descriptive chapter in the documentation. Also, the results shortcode must be on the same page as the search shortcode in order to work. So you can’t place the results shortcode to a different page to “redirect” the original results to. (the reason is simple, it’s simply not possible yet in WordPress)

I fully understand if the plugin is a bit hard to configure at the beginning – for some customers the number of options is a bit too much. I’m hoping I can make a video series until the end of this year to make the plugin more usable for everyone 🙂

Ernest Marcinko

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