Reply To: Issues with second search form

Elijah Lovkoff
Elijah Lovkoff

Yep, it was a server cache issue. I use WP Engine for hosting/caching – but there i something really weird going on with your plugin. Sometimes the result is not showing up for hours. Sometimes you change the style and it not changes it. I;m really not comfortable with what’s going on. And yes, I’ve cleared the server cache at least 10 times, I did CTRL+F5 at least 10 times, I’ve even waited 10 hours and cleared the history in Chrome IE and FF – and still no result.
I don’t really wanna be going through this every time I need a change to the form.

I’m also a web developer, I’ve had some issues before wit caching, but not like this. It is defintely not only caching.
11.jpg – hows how it is seen on the backend
22.jpg – how it is displayed on the site

And I swear, I’ve cleared everything 10 times and even waited 10 hours hoping it would go by itself. Not sure how can I keep working like this.

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