Reply To: Taxonomy Issue

Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

Hi again!

1. It was probably a caching issue. I’ve turned off inline styles and even turned on the conditional CSS loader and it works perfectly.

2. I believe this was caching as well. I have tried 3 different browsers, but it was working for me without problems. Make sure to clear your browser cache and refresh the page with CTRL + R. Your browser might loaded the old javascript and stylesheet files from version 4.6 – that would explain both issues so far.

3. It was only a z-index issue as I predicted. I’ve added the following custom CSS code to the news search custom CSS section:

.proinput input.orig {
   z-index: 5 !important;

.promagnifier, .proloading, .proclose {
  z-index: 1 !important;

This sets back the input field and the icons to a lower value, so they should appear behind the menu now.

Let me know if you have any other problems.

Ernest Marcinko

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