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Hi Ernest,

sorry because of my late reply but I was away. Many thanks for your great support.
Now it works correctly. I copied the php code TWIZE into functions.php ad only deleted it once.
Therefore I thought I already deleted it.
Many thanks for your snippet. I managed to adjust the paraeters and now it really looks god.

I have one strange behaviour (a bug ?):
When you go to my homepage and enter for example “Kinderprogramm” into the searchbar, on top there are the categories displayed which have this name in it. But underneath it says:
“Hier finden Sie alles über Bayern (1)”
And underneath this sentence there is a Link to a post which is called:

But if you edit this post it is NOT inside the “Bayern” category. It is located inside another category.

The same happens for the pages underneath this page:
“Hier finden Sie alles über Kinderprogramm (1)”
And a page is shown as result underneath which is located in the “Bayern” category.

So it is totally mixed.

Do you have any idea why this happens ?

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