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Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko


There are two reasons for this:

1. It’s because the dots “.” are treated as word boundaries and are replaced with an empty space.
In this case the “2.643-150.0” is treated as “2 643-150 0”, thus 3 separate words: 2, 643-150 and 0
If I search for 643-150 the product is returned as expected.

To be honest I never thought of this, but it makes sense to somehow detect dots which are not word boundaries. I will definitely look into this for the upcoming update. This shouldn’t be too complicated to figure out.

2. There is a recently discovered bug in the index table engine regarding versions from 4.7-4.8.1 where when adding new posts/cpt the custom fields are not indexed in some cases.

I already have a fix for bug 2. but it involves changing multiple files, so I can’t suggest an quick fix for that now. There are two solution I can offer:
– Wait for the upcoming update within 1-3 days, it will fix both bugs (until then you can switch back to the regular engine, that should still work)
– You can provide FTP details and I fix the second bug on your server, but yet I can’t fix the first one

Let me know!

Ernest Marcinko

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