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Hello Please answer, I have purchase the plugin but I am not receiving any support from you. I also have a few questions which I would like to as you.

On the front search end. I have four dropdown but the arrows are not displaying on the right hand side like it does in the preview. It is important for the arrows to display so the user knows it is a drop down. Also I have a custom post type labelled stones. This is where i would like to the plugin to search specifically custom fields. Is there a way I could do a range for example for Carat Size. it starts from 0.18-10.99 I tried to create a range slider and a slider for this but it would not display.

Also could i have my posts in a table and have the ajax work at the same time? or do I need to follow you templates for the search results? please answer me as quick as possible it is a pressing issue.