Reply To: Local Custom Override Not Working

Ernest Marcinko
Ernest Marcinko

I have found the problem with related posts pro and that plugin. RPP recognized each post as an individual single post and executed itself, so it took too much resources. (the internal is_single() wordpress call returned true) I guess it’s because the toolset plugin uses WP_Query and it acts as if all the present items are single ones.

Anyways, I’ve added an exception to not execute the plugin in that case. It appears to be working now.

I have also found the issue with the search cache, it’s related to the previous release, but unfortunately I cannot fix that in place – because the issue is within the minified javascript files, which I can only change before the minification process.
I checked the performance tracker, and the search queries appear to be all right in, they are executed under 0.1 seconds, so the database can keep up with that.

I’m going to fix that for the next update of course, until then you can safely use it without the cache. Sorry about that inconvenience.

Ernest Marcinko

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