Reply To: Search hangs session


2nd question: Are you open for custom work on this plugin? You back end is great as is, but there are two functions that would give me the killer app, and I would be willing to compensate.

1. Saving search phrase statistics in order to present a list of searchs words or phrases with the number of requests made over a period of time
2. The ability to save search results of certain (ie, the top 10% of requests) queries, and then drag-and-drop re-order those results and save the set. When a subsequent user searches for the “predefined” search, he gets the saved query instead a dynamically generated search set.

The site in question above is a large content site where the owner wants to act as “concierge” or “curator” in guiding users to the most relevant documents through searches. There are several different post types, and he would like the results displayed in groups, ie, Articles, Videos, Audio, Products, FAQ.