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    Hi. Did not give you url because it’s a dev site and the dns points elsewhere. If you want it, I’ll give you the IP instead.

    My problem: I’m creating a search instance to just search through three categories of posts. So far so good; I got it to work.

    Note: using Beaver Builder

    So, when I type in a term, if a post does not have that term, but a beaver builder posts module does (I use a slider to show people all other posts in that category), then that post comes back as a result even though the term is not in the actual post but only in the slider with results from other posts.

    Is there a way to force Ajax to exclude results from specific beaver builder modules?

    Hope I’m clear 😉




    Hi Cemil,

    Actually, it might be possible. I assume you are using the index table engine? (otherwise the result is probably not matched from a specific beaver module, but the keyword is found elsewhere)

    I am not exactly sure how beaver modules work, but if each module acts as a shortcode, then there is hope. On the index table addvanced options panel, there is a field to enter shortcodes to exclude. If you put the beaver builder posts module shortcode there, and then recreate the index, then it may work – although I have no clue what that shortcode is, or if that is indeed a shortcode.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Thank you Ernest. Overnight I found the solution, I just excluded the ID of the Beaver Builder module. It’s actually a post type so a post ID appears.
    Thanks very much!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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