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    Hi there,

    I have given you access to wp-admin.

    I have gone through the documentation and the video’s and I have slowly understood how the plugin works. It is pretty damn awesome I must say. I get that the search can pick up content, category names, post type names etc if you type it in the search bar.

    The thing I’m struggling to understand are the check-boxes / dropdown / search settings area. I am building a site using Avada and I am using the portfolio section to create the different company/membership posts.

    I have created an ajax pro search for the home page called “Members_home”. I have set portfolio only under General Settings / Sources and Avada portfolio categories under sources 2…. and in the Frontend Search Settings / Categories & Taxonomy Terms and have pulled in the Avada portfolio categories. In the portfolio section, I have created 49 entries and the very first one called 3M SA (Pty) Ltd</3m>. It’s the only one with a featured image. I have assigned the following categories Eye and Face protection / Face Shields / Welding Helmets. When I browse to the front end of the site (home page) and open the settings box. I assumed if you click one of the checkboxes for example Face Shield. It should bring up the 3M item that was assigned that category. What I notice is that if I click any of them. All the Items show regardless. So I am confused as to how the checkboxes work?

    Please could you clarify how I can achieve the result I’m wanting?

    It seems to work on your staff demo I’m not using the drop down though, but the checkboxes.

    Many thanks


    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate them.

    I believe you are looking for the advanced options section under the Frontend Search Settings -> Advanced panel, namely for 3 of the options there:

    1. (Tax/term logic) – This option determines how the checkboxes should match. For example, by the default logic, if an entry is in 3 categories, and only 2 of them is checked on the front-end, it won’t show up as a result, as the search will treat the unchecked checkbox as an “exclusion”.
    In most cases this logic is fine, but sometimes the “At least one selected term should match” value fits better. You might want to try that logic as well. In that case, if an entry is in 3 categories, and any of them is checked on the front-end, it will match as a result. (this might be better in your case actually)

    2. (empty tax/term logic) – This option decides what to do with items that does not have any terms (categories) assigned. For example posts without categories should or should not show up.

    3. (empty filter logic) – This one decides whenever the filter should be ignored, if nothing is selected. In your case, I highly recommend keeping it turned ON, because all the unchecked categories would be treated as exclusions, and nothing would show up.

    Try experimenting a bit with these options, you might get the configuration that fits your needs.

    Ernest Marcinko

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    Thank you for the fast response Ernest.

    I will have a look at the advanced section and see if I can a get a result that I’m happy with.

    Many thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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