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    I have a client with three websites that all have Ajax Search Pro installed.
    They have three licenses.

    Ajax Search Pro Purchase Code:
    Prod: 8f771019-d1ac-4a0a-9558-f985bba77559
    Upgrade: fa0a8272-3832-4894-adde-eb973452e3a2

    We use two of the sites as staging sites that we overwrite periodically with the Production site.

    When we do this, there is no easy way to update the license. We must disable it on production , wait 30 minutes and re-enable on production before we can use the correct license in staging.

    All other plugins allow us to revalidate with he correct plugin.

    Do you have any way to streamline this process – very time consuming currently

    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    You don’t have to disable it in production if you are using this setup. Our remote server will still be holding the license paired with the production site.
    I assume when you move the production to the staging, then all the data is copied – including the “local” license key from production.

    There are multiple ways to address this:
    – Simply don’t use a license key on the production site, if you are doing all of the upgrades on the staging sites, and push it back to production. It does not matter if the license is activated, it is only needed for the automatic plugin updates. If you are doing the updates on staging only, then having it active on production is redundant. You can read more about this method here.
    – If you operate all of the sites independently, then do not deactivate any of the licenses even after copying on any environment. If you go to the Ajax Search Pro -> Help & Updates submenu after moving a site from staging->production or vice versa, the local license code should be reset, and should show no license active. Then if you want to activate, just use the license code associated with that environment (do not mix up), and it should immediately activate again.

    Ernest Marcinko

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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