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    If I set the magnifier and return triggers to go to the results page it will show the results on the default search page. If I then change them to my custom results page it will go to the but but the results don’t display. I’ve tried using the shortcode and the VC element.

    I’ve tried turning off other plugins, using twentysixteen theme, turning on debug mode and got no errors.

    I had this error in the log earlier but nothing since.

    [Sun Jan 07 17:41:26.980901 2018] [core:error] [pid 10601:tid 140718356006656] (36)File name too long: [client] AH00036: access to /search&asp_active=1&p_asid=1&p_asp_data=Y3VycmVudF9wYWdlX2lkPTUzNCZxdHJhbnNsYXRlX2xhbmc9MCZhc3BfZ2VuJTVCJTVEPXRpdGxlJmFzcF9nZW4lNUIlNUQ9Y29udGVudCZhc3BfZ2VuJTVCJTVEPWV4Y2VycHQmY3VzdG9tc2V0JTVCJTVEPXBvc3QmY3VzdG9tc2V0JTVCJTVEPXBhZ2UmY3VzdG9tc2V0JTVCJTVEPWR0X3RlYW0= failed (filesystem path ‘/home/gicms2co/public_html/search&asp_active=1&p_asid=1&p_asp_data=Y3VycmVudF9wYWdlX2lkPTUzNCZxdHJhbnNsYXRlX2xhbmc9MCZhc3BfZ2VuJTVCJTVEPXRpdGxlJmFzcF9nZW4lNUIlNUQ9Y29udGVudCZhc3BfZ2VuJTVCJTVEPWV4Y2VycHQmY3VzdG9tc2V0JTVCJTVEPXBvc3QmY3VzdG9tc2V0JTVCJTVEPXBhZ2UmY3VzdG9tc2V0JTVCJTVEPWR0X3RlYW0=’), referer:

    Ernest Marcinko
    Ernest Marcinko


    I believe you are trying to do something that is not possible.

    The custom redirection URL is for cases where there is a working custom permalink scheme for search results, and you want the plugin to adapt to it as well. It is simply impossible to redirect (or in this case push) the results to a custom page. The search query results are always handled by the search.php file in the theme directory, when it is invoked.

    It is possible to change the default search URL scheme with custom code, for example this tutorial explains 2 possible ways:
    These solutions only create a ‘mask’ for the WordPress to resolve and properly call the search results template file. This will not change the layout of the results page – that is completely controlled by the theme.

    Ernest Marcinko

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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